What Happens If You Kill The Mechanist?

Where do enemies spawn in sanctuary?

But the main places enemies spawn are: #1 – The path leading to/from 111, between the two house on the sloped hill.

#2 – Between the house with the cellar and the collapsed house near the cul-de-sac.

#3 – On the beach area, on the Sanctuary side of the bridge, behind the collapsed house..

Can Isabel Cruz be a companion?

Isabel Cruz is now recruitable as a fully functioning companion at the end of the Automatron quest line.

Who is the mechanist Fallout 4?

Isabel CruzThe Mechanist (real name Isabel Cruz) is a robotics expert staying in the Commonwealth in 2287. She is the main antagonist of the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.

How do I start the mechanist in Fallout 4?

The Mechanical Menace quest will pop up sometime after hitting level 15. It will inform you of the Cavern Distress Call, which you’ll need to tune into using your Pip-Boy’s radio. Listen to the call to update your quest objective, and then head to Watts Consumer Electronics to begin the quest.

Should you kill the mechanist Fallout 4?

If you don’t kill the Mechanist, can you still get the armor? Yes. The Mechanist will retire the personality and give you the armour and helmet as a gift. You can also pickpocket a legendary laser gun.

Is the Tesla Rifle good Fallout 4?

The Tesla rifle is one of the most efficient weapons in Survival mode, offering high damage and using very lightweight ammunition. Per pound, without damage boosting perks and with the charging barrel, the weapon can deal around 3,000 points of damage per pound of fusion cells.

What is the point of supply lines in Fallout 4?

Supply lines send food and water to other Settlements, while also allowing you to craft without the Settlement actually having those items or you carrying them around. If you have copper in one Settlement you can use it to build in another if they’re connected.

How do you stop the mechanist in Fallout 4?

Anyway, once you reach this final confrontation, The Mechanist will send everything he has at you, flooding the room with robots. The best way to defeat them is to perch on the walkways above, using the stairs as funnels for the enemy robots. Mines work well here, so lay them down whenever you get a break.

Is the mechanist armor good?

The Armor has some really good stats with 72 Damage and Energy Weapon Resistance. It also reduces 15% damage from robots which comes in real handy since you’ll be fighting a lot of them in the DLC. … The fully upgraded Mechanist Armor gives players 182 Damage and Energy Resistance, essentially making you a walking tank.

Can the mechanist’s lair be attacked?

You can move settlers into the lair, but don’t think it can be attacked. Mostly you can use it as a personal home base or use it as your main supply line hub by creating robots and sending them out for supply lines.

How do you stop the mechanist?

As you are exiting the Generator room, another Mechanist Eyebot will come in and threaten you. Destroy it then press forward. Push the button on the left-hand side platform when you are on it. This will trigger the lift which will take you across the whole of the room.

What can you do with the mechanist lair?

The Mechanist’s lair functions like an exterior settlement, in that settlers can be moved here, and supply lines can be established. There are some patches of ‘earth’ on the top level in the northernmost corner, just outside the entrance to the facilities wing, where water pumps can be placed.