Quick Answer: How Do I Get The Mass Fusion Quest?

How do I get to the mass fusion executive suite?

First method: Use a vertibird to fly from Boston Common to Garden Terrace.

On the way, you should pass by the Mass Fusion tower.

Doing so should discover the Suite and either then or after fast traveling, you’ll advance the quest (I had it happen both ways when testing this), without angering the BOS..

Where is the bobblehead in mass fusion?

Location. The bobblehead is at the topmost tier of the Mass Fusion building, resting on top of a metal statue overlooking the main hall. When entering the main lobby area, the Sole Survivor can use a scoped weapon to see the bobblehead when aimed upwards.

Should I board the Vertibird to mass fusion?

Don’t Board the Vertibird. Inform them of the Brotherhood’s plans, and solidify your newfound loyalty to the Institute faction. This will begin the Institute Quest: Mass Fusion.

How do you get the mass fusion building in Fallout 4?

Mass Fusion begins directly after completing Mankind Redefined. Head downstairs to speak with Allie about the mission Father is sending you on. She will tell you of the plan, to get a special item that will help them get the Nuclear Reactor going quicker. Head to the Relay, as you can’t fast travel out.

Where do I get the mass fusion ID card?

Executive key and ID card – In the desk within the executive suite. Accessible during Mass Fusion or Spoils of War.

How do you get up the mass fusion building?

Reach New Heights at Mass Fusion. Put on your jetpack-enabled Power Armor suit, and Fast Travel to the Mass Fusion Building, north of Goodneighbor near the Old Corner Bookstore. Enter the building, and head up the elevator to the fifth floor. Ride the next elevator up as far as it can go.

What happens if I inform the Brotherhood mass fusion?

Mass Fusion (/ Spoils of War) Alternatively, by informing the Brotherhood, Spoils of War will start, and boarding the Vertibird that spawns on the Prydwen will make the Institute hostile.

How do you turn the power on in mass fusion building?

Locate the Mass Fusion Labs Key on a desk in a nearby room, then use the terminal (Expert) to restore power. If you get the power back on, use the elevator to travel down to the lobby. Once there, fight off the Synths, then use the smaller elevator to get down to the lab holding the Beryllium Agitator.

Is Shaun really father?

Shaun, also known as Father, is the son of the Sole Survivor and is the leader of the Institute in 2287. He serves as the primary antagonist of Fallout 4 unless the player character chooses to side with him.

How do you use mass fusion?

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How do you get above glass floor mass fusion?

From the first floor of Mass Fusion Building. You have two options, use the elevator to the far back right hand corner of the first floor or start hopping levels to get to the top. You will reach a glass floor a few floors up from the entrance of the building.

How do I side with the Minutemen?

To side with the Minutemen, you must establish eight settlements throughout the Commonwealth. Preston Garvey will offer intel to help guide you in the right direction. Once the settlements are built, the Minutemen suddenly feel the need to wipe out the Brotherhood of Steel by destroying the Prydwen airship.