Quick Answer: Can You Sell Your Nintendo DS To GameStop?

Where can I sell my old DS games?

Top Places to Sell Video GamesDecluttr.

Using Decluttr is one of the easiest ways to sell video games.


A few of the popular cell phone buy and sell sites also offer great deals on other electronics and video games.



Game Stop.


Facebook Marketplace.


eBay.More items…•Dec 8, 2020.

How much do DS games sell for?

Nintendo DS PriceCharting IndexTitleLoose PriceNew PriceMario Kart DS$9.03$29.52Chrono Trigger$73.45$137.16Super Mario 64 DS$11.28$39.99Shepherd’s Crossing 2$149.99$424.9842 more rows

What is the rarest 3DS?

To see 10 of the rarest limited edition Nintendo DS consoles, keep reading!5 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda 3DS ($488)6 Galaxy Nintendo 3DS XL ($339) … 7 Pikachu 3DS XL ($330) … 8 McDonald’s Edition Nintendo DSi ($499) … 9 SNES Edition 3DS XL ($799) … 10 Happy Home Designer 3DS LL ($314) … More items…•Feb 10, 2020

How much is a used 3DS worth at GameStop?

How Much Is A Nintendo 3DS Worth In 2021?ModeleBay (average sold price)GameStop (used price)Nintendo 3DS$89$120 (currently unavailable online)Nintendo 3DS XL$123$130 (currently unavailable online)Nintendo 2DS$61$80 (currently unavailable online)New Nintendo 3DS$159$120 (refurbished; currently unavailable online)2 more rows•Jan 19, 2021

How much is a pink Nintendo DS worth?

Nintendo DS PriceCharting IndexTitleLoose PriceCIB PricePink Nintendo DS Nintendogs Best Friends Edition$40.00$70.00Matte Blue Nintendo DSiPearl Pink Nintendogs Edition DS SystemRed Mario Kart Edition DS System$43.99$200.0037 more rows

Where can I sell my Nintendo DS?

SellCell is the best place to sell your Nintendo DS.

Is a Nintendo DS worth anything?

How much is a Nintendo DS worth today? The original Nintendo DS sells for $36 on average, based on recently sold eBay listings. The redesigned DS Lite, however, goes for $48 on average, while the DSi and DSi XL – the DS line’s final revisions – sell for $39 and $64 respectively.

How much money will you get if you sell a 3DS at GameStop?

Currently, GameStop is offering: Nintendo Wii U 32GB: up to $120 trade credit. Nintendo Wii U 32GB: up to $96 cash. Nintendo 3DS XL: up to $110 trade credit.

Can you trade in DS games without case?

GAME won’t officially trade them without the box – they need the barcode.

Is it worth buying a Nintendo 3DS in 2020?

The 3DS is absolutely still worth owning today, but it honestly depends on your gaming preferences as Nintendo no longer supports the console with new software. … The console has access to literally thousands of games – but you may want to opt for the newer hardware as the 3DS’ best days are long behind it.

Is Nintendo DS discontinued?

The Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console produced by Nintendo. It was announced in March 2010 and unveiled at E3 2010 as the successor to the Nintendo DS….Nintendo 3DS.An aqua blue Nintendo 3DS in the open positionDiscontinuedWW : September 16, 2020Units shippedAll models combined: 75.94 million (as of September 30, 2020)30 more rows

Why are DS games so expensive?

Main reason why old Nintendo DS games are “expensive” higher priced at amazon even at ebay is because of the scalpers hoarders.

What does DS stand for?

AcronymDefinitionDSData SecurityDSDecision SupportDSDatabase ServerDSDouble Sided234 more rows

How much is a Gameboy worth?

Original Gameboy System GameBoySale Date ▲ ▼Title ▲ ▼▲ ▼ Price2021-03-08Nintendo Game Boy Launch Edition Gray Handheld System with game$41.012021-03-07Original Nintendo Game Boy System$29.992021-03-06Vintage Nintendo Game Boy Original DMG-01 great condition comes with Tetris$52.0027 more rows

Does GameStop buy broken Nintendo DS?

Short Answer: GameStop will purchase broken consoles, controllers, and games for cash or store credit, with some restrictions. For defective items, GameStop will typically deduct a refurbishing fee of up to about $60 from your trade-in offer.

Does GameStop buy old games?

GameStop has thousands of exciting pre-owned games from every genre. … Get cash or trade credit at GameStop. Just bring in your games and accessories and our team will evaluate your haul. You can also view estimated trade values in our online trade center.

Is GameStop in trouble?

GameStop’s sales have fallen 10 of the last 11 quarters — dropping more than 30 percent per quarter, on average — with the most pronounced declines occurring in 2020, when the overall sector grew 26 percent, according to NPD Group, a market research firm.

How much can you sell a used DS for?

Expect to pay anywhere between $26 and $1200 for a used console, though refurbished handhelds peak at around $177. Sealed copies sell for upwards of $205, which isn’t at all bad considering you get that ‘new console’ smell too!

What is the rarest Nintendo DS game?

Below are some of the rarest DS games that you can buy.1 The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Demo ($465)2 Shepherd’s Crossing 2 ($349) … 3 Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ ($241) … 4 PowerBike ($229) … 5 Solatorobo: Red The Hunter ($235) … 6 Pokemon Platinum ($183) … 7 Dokapon Journey ($179) … More items…•Mar 6, 2021

How much is a 3DS worth 2020?

Selling a Nintendo 3DS? You can expect to get between $20 and $160, depending on model and condition.