Question: Is PS3 Worth Anything?

How much is a PS3 worth right now?

PS3 “Buy” Prices (What you can expect to pay as of 03/17/2021)GameStopDecluttr Current Price @ DecluttrPS3 60 GB$90$180PS3 80 GB$100–PS3 160 GB$100–PS3 Slim 120 GB$110$1707 more rows.

Can I trade in my PS3 at GameStop?

Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Hardware must have all necessary components for trade. All trades are subject to manager approval. GameStop reserves the right to cease taking trades of any product without notice.

Does Walmart still sell PS3?

PlayStation 3 (PS3) Consoles | Free 2-Day Shipping Orders $35+ | No membership Needed | Select from Millions of Items –

Does GameStop buy Playstation 3?

To your question, they’ll(GameStop) give you exactly 0.01 for your Ps3. Don’t spend it all at one place. Is selling it on eBay an option? You’ll get far more on their than you will at GameStop.

How much is a used PS3 worth 2020?

Average PS3 Pawn Shop Value (2020) The average PS3 pawn shop value is $87.57, according to our 2020 price data at PawnGuru. The maximum offer made on a PS3 was $250. Since offers were made on PS3’s of all types of conditions, storage capacities and models, the prices in the data varied greatly.

Is it worth buying a PS3 in 2020?

So yes, ps3 is worth owning in 2020. Many great titles from that generation can probably be purchased quite cheaply now and despite being perhaps a little primitive compared to ps4 or ps5, these games are still enjoyable.

How much will GameStop give me for PS3?

0.01To your question, they’ll(GameStop) give you exactly 0.01 for your Ps3. Don’t spend it all at one place.

What should I do with my old PS3?

Don’t Throw It Away. 7 Ways To Make Good Use of Your Old Game ConsoleSell It. Most people’s gut reaction would be to sell their old console. … Donate It. … Hack It. … Gut It. … Use It as a Media Center. … Set Up a Game Room. … Recycle It.Jan 11, 2018

Why are PS3 so expensive?

It is a custom cell-processor designed and made explicitly for Sony. So for the entire existence of the PS3, Sony will be required to custom-order the CPU. There might be a stock-clearance sale at one point, but looking at the BOM, the PS4 is possibly already cheaper to produce today than the PS3 is.

Where can I sell a PS3?

Selling a PS3 Console & Games with Decluttr is super easy! Selling PlayStation 3 consoles with us is fast, easy and FREE! Just get an instant price, ship it for FREE and we’ll pay you on the day after it arrives by PayPal or direct deposit.