Is Lionbridge Legit?

What kind of company is Lionbridge?

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc is an American company that provides translation and localization solutions….Lionbridge.TypePrivately held companyIndustryLanguage localization Software testing E-learningFoundedWaltham, Massachusetts, US (1996)4 more rows.

Is the Lionbridge exam hard?

Yes. The test is hard. It inst that hard, however. All of the answers are right inside of the guidelines.

Is Appen or Lionbridge better?

The number of available tasks is almost the same. Globally, Lionbridge pays better than Appen. Some raters claim that Lionbridge does not only pay better but also provides a friendly work environment and has a very supportive team. Due to the non-disclosure agreement signed by raters, they do not reveal the exact pay.

How much do Clickworkers get paid?

If you pass the English language and writing assessments you will gain access to assignments which allow Clickworkers to make about $8 per hour on average. Usually, there is enough work available to work for at least four hours per day.

How do I get a job at Lionbridge?

To apply for Lionbridge, you should go to the Lionbridge website or Appen website and look for current job openings in your country. The number of suitable positions varies over time. You will need to upload your CV to the system during the application process, so make sure that your CV is up to date.

How do I get paid on Lionbridge?

Lionbridge pays once per month. If you get at least 30 hours in for the month, you can expect to get paid by the 10th of each month. If you did not get 30 hours in, you will see your money around the 30th. Unless something has changed, I’m pretty sure they pay with direct deposit to your bank account.

Does Lionbridge read your emails?

Flexible hours. Take my advise and don’t give them your main email account like they request, create a second email that you use just for Lionbridge and give them that, reading your emails is honestly much too invasive. … Tedious.

How long does the Lionbridge exam take?

approximately five hoursThe entire Lionbridge exam takes approximately five hours to complete. The entire exam is divided into three parts. The exam is designed to provide a person with specific guidelines and skill to be able to rate results of search engines.

Can I work for Appen and Lionbridge?

Since their client is the same, one cannot work for both Appen and Lionbridge at the same time. Lionbridge is a legit company and is as well-known as Leapforce.

Is Lionbridge a good company to work for?

Enjoy the job and pay is decent. I enjoy working for Lionbridge. The pay is decent for working at home and being able to work my own schedule. … Work takes some getting used to, but isn’t too hard overall.

How much does Lionbridge pay per task?

Average Lionbridge hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.41 per hour for Test Operator to $39.12 per hour for Participant.

What does a rater do?

A rater is a person who conducts tests, gathers data, and determines a rating for specific applications. They are often responsible for measuring and evaluating quality to improve the systems and processes of a company.

Is Lionbridge trustworthy?

Lionbridge is a well-known company and experience with search engine optimization in Lionbridge looks great on your resume. You will put in a ratio of up to eight hours of unpaid time per hour of paid time. Expectations of earning $13.50 per hour or working twenty hours per week are grossly exaggerated.

What does a Lionbridge rater do?

The job involves analyzing and providing feedback on text, web pages, images and other types of information for leading search engines, using an online tool. Raters log on to the online tool to select tasks to do on a self-directed schedule.