How Much Is The Maximum SSS Salary Loan?

How can I check my SSS loan status through SMS?

Check the Status of Your Loan To inquire about the status of your loan, text SSS LOANSTAT to 2600.

For example: SSS LOANSTAT 0529310429 1234..

How can I pay my SSS loan through GCash?

Pay SSS contributions and loans using GCashGenerate a new PRN thru Text SSS.Dial *143#Select GCash.Select Pay Bills.Select By Search.Enter Biller Name SSS.Select SSS – PRN.Jan 12, 2017

How much is the maximum salary loan in Pag ibig?

A qualified Pag-IBIG member shall be allowed to borrow an amount up to a maximum of Six Million Pesos (Php 6,000,000.00), which shall be based on the lowest of the following: The Member’s Actual Need, His Loan Entitlement Based On Capacity To Pay, The Loan-To-Appraisal Value Ratio.

How many days can I get my SSS salary loan?

The loan proceeds shall be available to member-borrower’s account within three (3) to five (5) working days from approval date of the loan. The salary loan proceed is accessible through any Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet Automated Machines.

Can I pay my SSS loan in full?

Yes. To pay your remaining loan balance in full, log in to the SSS member portal and click “RTPL PRN” on the main menu.

Where can I email my SSS calamity loan?

For inquiries and more information, contact the SSS 24-hour call center at (02) 920-6446 to 55, Monday to Friday, or send an e-mail to

Can I pay SSS calamity loan online?

You can now pay your SSS contributions and loan repayments online! The first multi-bank payment gateway where you can transact in a secure, real time environment using your BancNet ATM card.

How much is the maximum multi-purpose loan in Pag ibig?

Multi-purpose Salary Loan (MPL) Members can borrow up to 80% of their Pag-IBIG Regular Savings, and it can be paid up to 24 months.

Can I loan in Pag Ibig for lot only?

What can you purchase with your borrowed money from Pag-IBIG? … Now, the good thing about the Pag-IBIG housing loan is that can be used to finance not only your house and lot, townhouse or condominium purchase and construction but also even your home improvements.

How much is the loanable amount in Pag-ibig?

3How much may I borrow? With Pag-IBIG Fund’s MPL program, qualified members can borrow up to 80% of their total Pag-IBIG Regular Savings, which consist of their monthly contributions, their employer’s contributions, and accumulated dividends earned.

How much is the second salary loan in SSS?

LOAN AMOUNT A two-month salary loan is equivalent to twice the average of the member-borrower’s latest posted 12 MSCs, rounded to the next higher monthly salary credit, or amount applied for, whichever is lower.

How do I know my SSS loanable amount?

How to Check your SSS Loanable Amount Online?Open your Internet Browser and type in your URL.Login using your User Name and Password. If you do not have an SSS Online Account yet, you may create one. Follow this step by step guide on how to create an SSS Online Account. After successfully loggin in, you will see SSS Menu in your profile.Jun 12, 2019

What are the requirements for SSS loan?

Application RequirementsMember Loan Application Form.SSS digitized ID or E-6 (acknowledgement stub) with any two valid IDs, one of which with recent photo. Unexpired Driver’s License. Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID card. Passport. Postal ID. School or Company ID. Tax Identification Number (TIN) card.

How much is the maximum loanable amount in SSS?

The maximum loanable amount is P1,000,000.00. Actual need of the borrower based on the contract to sell/scope of work and bill of materials evaluated by the SSS.

How much is the salary loan in SSS?

Another simple computation to look at would be, if you have posted 36 monthly contributions, of which six has been within the last 12 months before submitting your application, you can loan up to PHP 15,000 or a one-month salary loan. This is also the usual amount that first-time borrowers can receive (minus taxes).

Can I apply for calamity loan with existing salary loan?

Members with an existing Pag-IBIG housing loan or multi-purpose loan—as long as the loan isn’t in default—may still apply. You can apply for the loan within 90 days from the State of Calamity declaration in your area.

How much is the loanable amount in SSS calamity loan?

How much is the SSS Calamity Loan amount? The SSS calamity loan amount is equal to one-month salary credit (MSC), based on your average MSCs in the last 12 months. It may also be equal to the amount you requested in your application, whichever of the two is lower.

Is SSS calamity loan deducted from salary loan?

A service fee of 1% of the loan amount shall be charged and deducted from the proceeds of the loan. 1. The member must apply for the Calamity Loan Assistance Program thru the SSS website by accessing his/her My. … This calamity loan must be fully paid before the member can avail of future calamity loans of SSS.