How Did Elder Lyons Die?

Where is Sarah Lyons fallout3?

Sarah LyonsBiography and appearanceRankSentinel ElderLocationGNR building plaza (optionally) The CitadelFamilyOwyn Lyons (father)Dialogue FileSarah Lyons’ dialogue15 more rows.

How old is Elder Maxson?

By the time we meet Maxson again in Fallout 4, he’s still only 20 years old, but he’s replaced Lyons as the Brotherhood of Steel’s Elder. We learn that he took that rank at age 16 and has gained the respect of his troops by defeating the super mutants’ leader and by reintegrating a rebel band of Brotherhood outcasts.

Does Sturges know he’s a synth?

The game makes no reference to him being a synth. There’s no file on him in the SRB, there’s no dialogue where anyone even hints at it. Heck, if the game weren’t on PC, no one would even suspect it. The only reason anyone even thinks he’s a synth is because they looked at the things the developers had hidden.

Who was trapped at the top of Trinity Tower?

Strong and Rex GoodmanStrong and Rex Goodman can be found at the top of the tower, held captive by the super mutants occupying the tower.

Where are the atom cats located in Fallout 4?

The Atom Cats Garage is a junkyard Location in the far Southeastern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the East of Neponset Park, and just West of Warwick Homestead.

How did Lyons die?

Sarah Lyons fought for her father’s chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel until his death. … Shortly thereafter, she was killed in battle and Lyons’ Brotherhood of Steel would struggle to find an effective leader for several years until the rise of Elder Arthur Maxson.

Where is Elder Lyons in the Citadel?

Three of Lyons’ personal logs can be found in the Citadel laboratory and Lyons’ quarters in the B-ring. Elder Lyons appears floating face up in the Sacred Bog during the hallucination that occurs while intoxicated by Punga seeds in Point Lookout, even if he hasn’t been met in the base game yet.

What happened to the lone wanderer?

The Lone Wanderer also has similarities to the Vault Dweller in Fallout, as both grew up in a vault and eventually left, ending up as famous people. Both eventually returned to the vault only be told that they have to leave forever despite helping their respective overseers.

Where is Star Paladin Cross?

Star Paladin Cross is a possible companion found at the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.

When did the Brotherhood of Steel go east?

2255In an effort to end the stagnation the Brotherhood expanded eastward (most notably the formation of the Mojave chapter under Elder Elijah) and sent out expeditions to recover technology, going as far as the Capital Wasteland in 2255, with the expedition under Senior Paladin Owyn Lyons.

Is dogmeat a synth?

He’s an Institute Synth with a much greater mind than actual dogs. Before you were even a factor, he could have been a spy for the Institute on the surface as he aids people in need, according to Mama Murphy, as a Wasteland legend. … He’s an Institute Synth with a much greater mind than actual dogs.

Where can I find Elder Lyons in Fallout 3?

Other AnswersElder Lyons is in the Citadel which is in the south-eastern part of the map. … You meet him after the main quest:The Waters OfLlife once you get through the tunnels with all the Enclave soldiers when you enter the citadle with Doctor Li. … Keep doing the main story line and you will get to him at the Citadel.More items…

How do I get power armor training in Fallout 3?

In order to wear power armor in Fallout 3, you have to have the power armor training perk. At the moment, this can be gained in two ways. The first is for the player to follow the main quest. Once you get to the Citadel, you have to talk to Elder Lyons and gain his permission to receive training at the base.

Is Deacon the lone wanderer?

Because Harkness is actually a synth, and Deacon isn’t. I believe Deacon is just a man who we think we know. It would be interesting if he was the Lone Wanderer, but it seems very unlikely. He lies all the time, even to the leader of his own faction.

Does dogmeat count against Lone Wanderer?

– The ‘lone wanderer’ perk (Charisma 3) is not affected by keeping Dogmeat as your companion, allowing you to rack up the benefits without getting lonely. – The ‘attack dog’ perk (Charisma 4) allows Dogmeat to become even tougher in a fight.

Is Elder Maxson a synth?

elder maxson is a synth!!! the institute fearing the riseing power of lyons killed him and his daughter, replaced the real arthur maxson with a synth designed to lead the brotherhood into following the ways that got they curb stomped by the ncr so that they would piss off every other faction and doom themselves.

Can I keep Danse if I side with the railroad?

To keep Danse as a full companion following the main story one must either side with the Brotherhood, or side with the Minutemen and choose not to become enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel. The Railroad and Institute endings both force the player character into conflict with the Brotherhood.

Should you kill Paladin danse?

Killing Danse serves no real benefit. You get promoted either way in the Brotherhood of Steel’s questline. He also only turns hostile if he’s still a member of the BOS and by the time Blind Betrayal hits he’s essentially kicked out and flagged as an enemy to them.

Will the Brotherhood of Steel Attack danse?

The bos soliders may attack the settlers and danse. I have My Danse at Red Rocket near Sanctuary and have had bos attack there but not too often. … If a Vertibird just so happens to be there, or you called it in, yes, your settlement will be attacked, but only you and Danse will be affected.

Is Sole Survivor a synth?

No, the Sole Survivor is not a synth. He is the “Sole Survivor”. … The only indication of the SS being a synth is a single line in the DLC “Far Harbor” and it is ambiguous at best.

Is the lone wanderer a synth?

IMHO the lone wanderer is a synth SPOILER. It’s Sole Survivor. When the Railroad gives synths new memories, there’s no evidence that they just give them a day’s worth. Gabriel speaks of remembering his parents and Danse talks about growing up in Rivet City. …